Week 3 Partnership To Success course

This week on Partnership To Success is all about getting ready to build our first mailing list.

First of all we had to sign up and get an Aweber autoresponder account. Once this had been set up the next step was to create & name our first mailing list inside Aweber. We also had to create a couple of email messages that our subscribers would receive once they had signed up to our mailing list.

The next step we had to do was to create a sign up form. This is a small form that you can put onto your website that allows users to insert their name & email address and has a button on it they can click on to submit their details to your autoresponder.

We also had to connect our blogs with Aweber and test everything out to make sure the whole sign up process went smoothly.

That just about sums up this weeks training I hope you found it useful


Robert Chenery

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  • Pauline

    Reply Reply March 14, 2014

    Hey Robert

    Glad to see you on the course. I am new to the internet marketer scene and I joined P2S so that eventually I shall have financial freedom. I’m sure that’s why most of signed up.

    Well done just keep following the course and write in your blogs what you are doing. It does get easier the more you write.

    Take care

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