Week 6 Partnership to Success Course

Week 6 Partnership to Success. This week is the start of monetizing our blog by adding Google Adsense ads to our blogs.

First of all we had to install a plugin to our blog. This particular plugin allows us to place Google AdSense ads on to our blogs. We then had to connect the plugin to our AdSense account. When you get an AdSense account Google give you a special number called a publisher code this lets Google know who you are and who they have to pay when someone clicks on one of their ads. We then added some AdSense ads to our blogs.

The next step was to go over to a website called Clickbank and register for an account. Clickbank is a well respected website that enables people to buy and sell digital information products & software over the internet. You can register as a seller or an affiliate. If you become an affiliate you can promote some of the products on Clickbank  and if anyone purchases a product through your link it could you earn some nice affiliate commissions.



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