Week 7 Partnership to Success Course

Week 7 Partnership to Success course. In this weeks training John talked to us about uploading legal pages on to our blogs. Now John or I to that matter are not legal experts but he did show us a way to get these legal documents up on our blogs via a WordPress plugin.

The name of the plugin we used was “Insta Legal Pages” this was not a free plugin the cost was about $17 a small price to pay I would say to going towards protecting your business. John instructed us how to  install and activate the plugin and how to add the various pages that we wanted.

The next tutorial was about adding images to our future blog posts and by how adding an image can make your post stand out more and look much better if you share it in a in a Facebook post.

Next we were instructed how we could add videos to our blog posts. I haven’t actually added any video at this point but it is good to know how to do it when I have a suitable blog post that I want to add video to.

The final stage was learning how we can schedule multiple blog posts that we could pre write and set to go live at pre set times and dates in the future. This could be handy if you want to post something on your blog or promote something while you are away on holiday for example.



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