My name is Robert Chenery.  I live in the South East of the United Kingdom in the county of Kent with my fiancée Karen and our two beautiful young children.

My background initially is in the building industry.  My main trade is a bricklayer but I have also undertaken lots of other jobs in the building industry.  I never liked the idea of being a one trick pony especially during a recession, you have to diversify a bit to help keep you in work and as they say variety is the spice of life.

Although my background is within building I have always loved tinkering around with computers since I bought my first one. I think the internet is one of the most amazing tools ever invented and have had a long term desire to make a full time income from the internet. My reasons for this are that running an internet business isn’t only about the money, it’s about helping other people and building friendships along the way.

My real drive for wanting an internet based business is so that I can get to see my family more often and to be able to attend the school plays and sports days that so many of us parents get to miss because of work commitments. I really believe that a business like this if set up correctly can give you better choices and more freedom in life.


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