Week 2 Partnership To Success Course

Ok so here I am on week 2 of John Thornhill’s partnership 2 success program & I am really enjoying it so far.

So this week we have had to  download and install a new theme on our wordpress blogs this gives it a totally different appearance.

Next I had to add my header graphic to the theme, I had this graphic professionaly created by Steve from GFX-1  who I can highly recommend to you ,he is very fast and efficient and he always comes up with great graphics..

We then prepared the blog to instal some appropriate plugins and finally added an about me page to our blogs.

I must say that the tutorials John has created in this course are short and bite sized they are normally only a few minutes each. This is great because if you don’t always have much time to sit down and do the course if you can find 15 minutes to half an hour you can achieve the next step which keeps you moving forward.



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  • Bill Allen

    Reply Reply March 10, 2014

    The blog is looking good Robert. Looking forward to see how things go for you. Just keep posting!

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