Week 1 Partnership To Success course

Ok this week is week one of the Partnership To Success course. I will take you through what we have learned so far. Some of the tutorials I had already done as I do have a little bit of background knowledge and already had some things in place before I started the Partnership To Success programme.

We were first taught how to research for a domain name that reflected who we are so ideally for me the best domain name is robertchenery.com fortunately I do already own this domain name so I didn’t need to undertake this task.

The next step was to register our domain name and webhosting with D9 hosting . I also set up a personal email account which related to my domain name so in my case it is Robert@robertchenery.com I think this sounds a lot more professional than just having a Hotmail  email address and is also easier for people to remember.

We then moved on to installing a WordPress blog on our web hosting and had to update the settings on our blog and get it prepared for editing.

The final stages was to write my first blog post and we also had a little extra homework which was to continue posting to our blogs to help build up the content on it.

I will try and keep you updated on my progress as I continue on my journey.


Robert Chenery

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