Outsourcing Makes So Much Sense

Keyboard Illustration with "Outsourcing" ButtonSince starting out online I have found that I am constantly juggling my valuable time between the full time job,family and my online interests. I am finding it is a constant battle to find the right balance.

Whoever thinks that making a living online is easy they need to think again, anyone that is making a good income online has put in the hard work behind the scenes before becoming successful in this business.

On my journey I have found out that there are lots of different aspects that have to be learnt to help you move forward in Internet Marketing.

I have listed just a few of them below:

•Copywriting (writing Sales copy)
•Creating Graphics (Photoshop)
•Creating and uploading websites
•Affiliate Marketing
•Social media marketing
•Driving Traffic to your website
•SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Just having a basic understanding of how things work can help you move on in leaps and bounds in this industry. The trouble is that there are so many different areas and subjects to learn about that we can’t become masters of them all, even if you could how would you make time to implement all of them.

This is where outsourcing can be a great advantage and there are plenty of different websites out there with qualified individuals to help you. Here are just a few that I have come across over the years, www.elance.com www.odesk.com , or www.fiver.com . Alternatively you can visit various forums such as the Warrior Forum or Digital Point Forum where there are plenty of people who also offer their expertise.

I too use outsourcing and you can see just one example of this right here on my Blog. Take a look at the header graphic at the top, the image with my name and a picture of me on it. I outsourced this to Steve at gfx-1. I can highly recommend him please feel free to check out his website.

I own a copy of Photoshop and could have created the graphic myself however it can be quite time consuming so I decided to outsource it to Steve because he has a lot more experience. With his experience he was able to create these graphics in a fraction of the time it would have taken me. By outsourcing this to Steve to do for me I am then able to free up some of my valuable time to move forward in other areas of my business.

Successful people leverage other people’s time and money. If you are short on time or could think of a better way to use your time to move forward then you should seriously consider outsourcing some of your workload to help you advance in the right direction.


Robert Chenery


  • miso

    Reply Reply March 14, 2014

    Hi Robert,

    outsourcing does make life of a marketer so much easier. There are many phony and ignoramus who offer their “amazing” service just to get a few quick buck and we should know how to recognize them, but when you get someone who know what is doing the it can be a lifesaver.


  • Robert Chenery

    Reply Reply March 14, 2014

    Hi Miso

    you make a good point there I am sure there are many scammers out there involved in outsourcing like many things in life there is quite often a down side to the upside.

    Before hiring someone it is best to do your due dilligence and ask for samples of work that they have done before. You could ask if you can contact any of their previous clients to get a reference before you go ahead with the project.

    Ask around on the various forums and groups if any one can recommend someone for the work you want done and if so have they used them before.

    Quite often websites such as Fiverr & Elance where you can hire outsourcers have a feedback system in place. This gives you the opportunity to see whether previous clients were happy with the the end results or not.

    Obviously it goes without saying that once you have found some good outsourcers that you are happy with you will use them time & time again.



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