Information Overload

We all know that the internet is an excellent invention it’s great for communication, research and a whole lot of other things. But it does have its draw backs.

The trouble is that there is so much information out there that it is so easy for you to get distracted from what you need to be focusing on. In the internet marketing world I have found this to be one of the major hurdles that needs to be addressed to help you move forward. When you start researching into internet marketing and the different ways to earn an income online you will discover there are many different topics within this industry.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Resell Rights
  • Pay Per Click
  • Blogging

These are just a few I am sure there are many more you can think of. When you start out doing your research and try to learn more about this industry you will end up investing in yourself by purchasing products, or even just downloading a free eBook that helps you to further understand a particular topic. This is where the information overload starts to take effect, because what normally happens when you buy a product online or download a freebie is that you end up signing up to a mailing list. You only have to sign up to four or five products and you are then getting regular messages to your email inbox and the more products you buy or download the more messages you will get to your inbox. Now some of theses messages will contain some good sound advice with the occasional link to a product which may help you in your business. But again this is just more information being put in front of you to read and again taking up more of your time when you could be focusing on something else to move your business forward. What you need to do here is take a step back and look at what type of information is being sent to your inbox. Do they offer you some free helpful valuable advice and occasionally point you in the direction of something that will help you to build your online business. Or are they constantly trying to sell you something without giving any value to you along the way. Quite often these types of marketers also promote the push button products that offer to make you money by doing hardly any work at all. If it’s the latter I would advise that you unsubscribe from their list straight away as they are only interested in themselves and not building a long term relationship with their customers. Any honest successful online marketer will tell you that you constantly need to work on your business and that there are no quick push button fixes. You see you have to monitor your emails because before you know it your inbox will be full of emails promoting the next best thing and you won’t know if you are on your head or your bum, causing massive information overload and procrastination. One tip to stop this is to try not to look at your emails until you have achieved all you need to throughout the day. Or if this is not possible just glance over them deal with the important ones first then come back later to browse over the less important ones. If you have any methods on how you deal with information overload please feel free to leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

Kind regards

Robert Chenery

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